100% Pure, All Red Afghani Saffron


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Great smell! Vibrant color, the real deal here. I will be ordering more from this company in the future for sure. Thanks again!
Love the bottles by the way.

Steven via Etsy

Very Nice. I am French Chef for 32 years and love to use Saffron in a lot of my creations not just for Paella.

Alain via Etsy

Smooth transaction - no issues. Quality of product is excellent - I'll be ordering again!

Sheri via Amazon


ISO Certification

Sans Pareil Saffron, "Just as nature intended" carries with it an ISO Certification that certifies its premium, Grade A quality. In addition, Afghan Saffron has been certified by the ITQI (International Taste & Quality Institute) as the world's best saffron.

Climate Equals Quality

The arid climate and dry winds of Afghanistan make for an ideal environment to grow and cultivate saffron. Perfectly suited to environment and climate, Afghanistan has significantly established itself as one of the top high end saffron producing countries.

Saffron > Gold

By weight, Saffron is worth more than gold.  It is the most valuable spice available on the world market. It’s an ancient delicacy that still evokes the age of trade and the extraordinary lengths to which humans will go to find something unique, exotic and delicious.

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